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Our Team Methodologies

The business cerrent account that is your accounting software. A simple
way to run your bussiness.

Our specialized team creates world-class user experiences, bringing not just the products purpose to life, but for a long term goals too.

Our Research & Development team is here to not only produce state-of-the-art software, but to break boundaries and raise the industry bar simultaneously.
We focus on developing winning software that agile and robust, delivering a solution designed to last for years to come
Team Work

Great things in business are never done by one person, They're done by team of people


School Managment System SMS

Katateeb School Management System is a package with flexible settings to suit school business in various environments.


Unlocking Your Students' Potential

EBot is a STEAM ecosystem for students, kids, artists, and robotics enthusiasts to learn, explore and build working prototypes through experiments and games.

Build It
Code it
Run it

Low trade fees

Platform means instant collaboration for your whole team. From start to finish,
you’re working together better than ever before.
Unlimited Bandwidth

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Intelligent Chart

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Cloud Data Saved

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